2.44m 1.22m (8’ x 4’)
3.05m x 1.22m (10’ x 4’)
3.66m x 1.22m (12’ x 4’)

Framing kennel:
38mm x 50mm

Eaves: 1423mm

Ridge: 1600mm

1455mm x 596mm
Zinc Hinges
Tower Bolt

Dogs enjoy the great outdoors, but also like a safe place to retreat. This means no matter how much freedom you give your dog it will naturally seek a safe and protective place to call home. Our Kennel and Run offers standard features including 4’ x 4’ kennel with floor, front door with tower bolt, dog access hole and a 4', 6’ and 8’ run made from 50mm x 50mm galvanised heavy duty wire mesh on 50mm x 50mm framing, door to run also complete with tower bolt.